Welcome to Optimal Performance Training

Optimal Performance Training is located in Chandler-Gilbert, Arizona. We provide personalized fitness training programs for weight loss and sports performance, one on one and in group settings.

We firmly believe that all areas of life can be conquered through your health and fitness, and O.P.T. is simply a launching platform for those goals to be accomplished. We believe in the power of passion and each of our personal fitness professionals hold individual characteristics that shape the face of our training philosophy.  One of the biggest reasons we are successful as a company is that we are not just another gym.  We are a culture and a family.  When clients truly commit to making progress and start taking action they will begin to transform their lives in ways they never thought possible.  When they commit to this way of living they start to evolve as individuals, they become happier, healthier, achieve more goals and most importantly, they become more fulfilled. We are not a company who focuses on just physical performance; rather we dedicate our passions to helping develop people both externally and internally, and combining the two is how true transformation can take place.

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