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Fr. Rob Clements

I hit 50 and was amazed at how extra weight, no energy, lousy outlook had creeped up on me.  And then I was assigned to work with college students?!  One of them said to me after Mass one day, “Father… you’ve really packed it on the past few years… we need you around.”  I resolved View Full →


I’ve been working out at OPT for nearly two years.  Prior to finding OPT, I’d tried a variety of gyms and exercise options, but never stuck to it.  I was always self-conscious and I never knew if I was doing the right thing or not.  OPT changed that for me.  It’s an intimate gym that View Full →

Ali S.

I have always been a pretty tiny person; I loved getting compliments on how tiny I looked or how small I was. Last October I randomly gained about ten pounds and that drove me crazy and made me get really down on myself. A couple of my friends had been posting before and after pictures View Full →

Leah W.

Do you need constant gratification to keep going? Just “motivated”? Are you willing to endure the endless obstacles that will surround you in order to reach the realm of your true being? Committed? That’s the difference between the two. For me exercising is a foundation like no other, all the control is in my hands. View Full →

Garrison Turcotte

OPT has done more for me than any other training facility. I’ve been to 2 other training facilities and OPT stand above the rest. At the other facilities the trainers gave me a workout and left. They didn’t seem to care about me at all besides when I would pay them next. At OPT they View Full →

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