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Nicole Holly

I heard about OPT 4 years ago when I was in 8th grade. I had been struggling with shoulder problems for about a year and one of my swim coaches who also worked at OPT, Caleb stodghill, suggested I go in and check it out. The first day I was there I realized how much View Full →

Madison LaFleur

I first joined Optimal Performance Training to increase my performance in softball. Not only has OPT made me a better softball player, they have made me a better athlete. OPT offers a fun, safe, encouraging, and judgment-free zone for athletes and weight-loss clients to workout in. In the studio you can find trainers who want View Full →

Tyler Chatwin

I heard about OPT when I was a junior in High School. Joey and Shaun came and taught our soccer team the proper way to stretch and train for speed and footwork. I really enjoyed the training because I noticed a lot of improvement. I learned how to cut quicker at faster speeds. My field View Full →

Jessica L.

No matter what happens in a moment, it will always take place somewhere; somewhere in the world, and that place typically becomes intertwined with the power of the memory and the purpose of that moment forever. 16 years of life I lived, completely satisfied with the person I had thought that I am, and without View Full →

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